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Fog in Lee Field at night

As part of my routine of self punishment, I stood approximately 2 hours on wet grass trying to take advantage of the full moon and a blanket of fog that was sweeping over Lee Fields. Ideally I would be taking a photo of the fog on Lee Fields in the morning but since I can only do so on the weekend, it’s not going to happen any time soon. But it will happen.

Anyway, the majority of the photos I took that night I wasn’t particularly happy with, either the composition wasn’t quite right or the shots were out of focus. At least I managed to get one right …

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Photography Assignment 1 & 2

There are part of the Photography Course I’m currently attending in Saint John’s to demonstrate two methods for controlling exposure, Shutter and Aperture.

Slow Shutter

For half an hour I had my friend James stand still for several minutes at a time in Opera Lane. Exposure time was about two and a half seconds.

Fast Shutter

On the same day that I took the slow shutter shot above, I walked out to the Mardyke and got my timing right to spectate at a rugby match. Exposure time was 1/320 seconds.

Low Aperture ( High f-stop )

This was taken out at Lee Fields at 22 f-stops. Low Aperture is generally used for landscape photography but here I chose this particular subject because the differences between Low and High aperture were far more pronounced.

High Aperture ( Low f-stop )

…. continuing from the previous description. Exposed at 2.8 f-stops.

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HDR: South Mall, Cork City


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Here’s looking at you cat

This is part of my photography assignment to display the Shallow Depth of Field when setting the camera aperture to 2.8 F-Stops and what better way to practice this than on a house cat?

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Christmas Tree 2011

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Crossing from Glenbrook at night

25 to 30 second exposure in the freezing cold, the moon rise was particularly spectacular but the initial didn’t turn out so well. If anyone finds a pair of gloves before the ferry crossing in Glenbrook, please let me know 🙂

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